Mars Eco-Dome 4

A prototype biodome built near Colorado Springs in 1983, now used as a base of operations by agents of the Technocratic Union. It is currently home to the Shadow Legion.

From top to bottom:

(Garden Level) A geodesic dome containing a small ecosystem and two buildings intended for botanical research.
(Entrance Level) Contains a garage, an armory, mission prep rooms, and the medical center.
(B1) Living space, a gym, and a cafeteria.
(B2) Laboratory space. Citizen Voynich’s workshop.
(B3) Computer nexus and miscellaneous storage.

MED-4 supports an advanced medical center and is staffed by a security team led by Citizen Roger Clinton and an engineering team led by Citizen Susannah Voynich.

There is also a vending machine which dispenses Erg Cola on demand. It is always stocked.

Mars Eco-Dome 4

Field Reports: Colorado Springs wajib