• Perceive Forces
An agent must first understand what he wishes to control, and the apprentice of Forces learns to sense different Force Patterns, read their intensity and learn of the distinctions between different variants of Forces. The agent can sense positive and negative Forces, watch them interact, see where they emanate and where they go. He can determine the intensity of a light source as easily as he can determine the presence of radio waves or radiation. Combined with other Pattern Spheres, Forces senses let the agent see how other Patterns interact with or create Forces. With ephemeral Spheres, the agent can see the Primal Energy that flows to form forces, examine the interdimensional reflections of Forces, determine the origin of various forces and figure out where they’re going.

• • Control Minor Forces
Energy can always be diverted, and the Disciple who understands Forces can influence its direction and intensity. The agent can affect various Patterns easily, altering their direction, changing their qualities and controlling their dispersion. The agent cannot yet create forces from nothingness or change forces into different states, but he can manipulate how the forces interact with the rest of the world. By diverting a force, the agent can cause kinetic energy to change direction, thus changing an object’s course. He can make fires dance according to specific images and spread to (or avoid) certain areas. He can lengthen shadows or bend light so that images reach different destinations. He can even reroute the passage of electricity or cause radiation to avoid him. The agent can thus render himself or someone else invisible, cause sound to manifest somewhere other than its origin, and otherwise protect an area from interaction with forces.

An agent can affect only individual Patterns offered at this level, and only on a scale that he can encompass himself. Thus, the agent could render a single individual invisible, but he couldn’t cause an entire building to vanish. He could make a flame flicker with a particular image, but he couldn’t control the course of a forest fire. Simply directing a force away is much easier than actually taking total control of the force and directing it with precision, but as long as the agent can reasonably influence the minor force, he can take total control of its direction and focus with enough effort.

Combining control of minor forces with other Pattern Spheres, the agent can give a certain item properties that repel or attract forces, make an object or pathway more susceptible to forces or shield part of an individual from interaction with a specific force. With the ephemeral Spheres, the agent can freeze a force in place while allowing it to continue to expend its energy, cause a force to affect a location far distant from its actual position or redirect extradimensional energies.

• • • Transmute Minor Forces
Finally able to grasp and twist the Patterns of forces, a skilled agent can convert forces into other types, shift their intensity radically or even create force from nothing (and banish it to oblivion as well). Although he is still able to affect only individual small Patterns of force, the agent can cause the elements to dance at his whim. He can impart motion into an object, make a fire that burns cold or cause shadows to explode into bursts of light. Agents can use this power to fly, hurl lightning, pulse out electronics and perform similarly dramatic feats. The agent cannot create force from nothing without the use of Primal Energy, but he can turn minor forces to his own advantage. In conjunction with Pattern Spheres, the agent can convert a force into an object or even a creature, or disperse a material into raw energy. He can easily weave telekinetic controls around a creature or object, and he can cause his attacks to pass through objects or creatures harmlessly on their way to the target. Similarly, with the ephemeral Spheres he can transmute a pure idea into a construct of force, lay waste to a distant location or set up a special attack that waits until an appropriate time or event comes to pass.

• • • • Control Major Forces
The Adept of Forces can spread his knowledge to encompass entire groups of force and Patterns that exceed his own scale. With enough effort, he can redirect massive energies, bring disaster crashing down across a great area or shield entire groups of people from outside elements. Anything that is possible with control over minor forces is possible on a large scale now, with the agent able to focus great energy into a single point or disperse massive powers across a wide area. The Adept still cannot transmute large scale forces except a little bit at a time, but he can at least divert major forces to gain time necessary to affect them later. Such massive Effects are usually vulgar, but sometimes there’s no choice and you just have to rely on the big guns. In combination with the other Spheres, Adept understanding of Forces lets the agent do many of the things that he could do with lesser forces on a much broader scale. He can insulate a whole building or area of forest from fire and electricity, divert light into a series of rooms, banish all sound from a huge cavern or render a Chantry invisible to normal sight. He can defend against the storms of power that sweep through other dimensions and redirect massive forces to other places and times.


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