• Sense Fate and Fortune
The rudimentary ability to sense entropy allows an agent to discern the current of history. The agent can look into the waves of probability, see places where chance has been altered or nudged, notice nexuses of unlikely events and sense the weaknesses of objects. The agent can determine if something has a particularly “lucky” characteristic and see if something is on the verge of breaking. Though these senses are far from perfect, they do make the agent a mean gambler and give him insight into a little bit of fortune. Combined with various Pattern Spheres, the agent can look for weaknesses in a Pattern or see where it will fracture naturally. Correspondence with Entropy lets the agent find a place where an unusual event may happen, and Time could let the agent isolate exactly when a manifestation of destiny will appear.

• • Control Probability
After determining the threads of the world and how they pull on one another, the agent can tug subtly at Fate’s loom. Although this ability doesn’t necessarily change Patterns directly, it does let the agent alter probability just enough to influence the direction in which events unfold. The Disciple can grab the gross threads of probability where they collect and alter them to suit his whims. Though fine manipulation is still out of reach, the agent can exert a level of control that allows him to determine the outcome of simple events.

By spotting random occurrences, the agent can distinguish predetermined or set patterns from totally chaotic ones. In any pattern where chance and chaos plays a part, the agent can make minor alterations, forcing seeming randomness to play out as he wishes. Thus, the agent can pull out a good poker hand from a shuffled deck of cards, influence a dice roll subtly or pull out the one odd sock in the sock drawer. The more complex or the more patterned the event, the harder it is to affect, so the agent is best off dealing with fairly simple and subtle changes. The agent doesn’t lay a hand on the Patterns around him directly. Instead, he influences the chance of specific things happening. In conjunction with Pattern Spheres, the agent can sometimes determine how multiple objects, creatures or forces will interact with one another, and which ones will meet. With ephemeral Spheres, the agent can sense patterns in seemingly random fluctuations of the Gauntlet, notice who’s likely to come up with a particular idea first or influence an event to happen at a specific time.

• • • Affect Predictable Patterns
The more predictable a Pattern, the more easily an agent can determine how it functions — and how it breaks. Finally able to touch other Patterns with Entropic control directly, the agent can cause chaos in static Patterns, or arrest the onset of decay. Of course, the natural course of things always wins out in the end. It’s impossible to dodge statistics and erase chance completely. However, the agent can exercise a great deal of control over pseudorandom events, forcing them to delay, making them happen much sooner than they would and causing a Pattern to undergo its natural end sooner or later than usual.

At this level of skill, the agent can affect only set, predictable Patterns such as Matter and Forces. Life Patterns, with their constant ebb and flow, are too difficult for the agent to hamper directly. Since the agent can alter set Patterns, he can cause machines and systems to break down or prevent such damage. He can cause a device to fail, to suffer a quirky malfunction or to continue working long after it should’ve given out. With Pattern Spheres, the agent can not only affect a Pattern with Entropy directly, but he can control how it will react with other Patterns. Thus, the agent could make a computer that won’t break down for years or get overloaded by an electrical surge.

• • • • Affect Life
Living Patterns grow, change and adapt. Because of their constant motion, such Patterns are unpredictable, and they are difficult to read or affect with Entropy. However, the Adept of Entropy has reached a level where he can finally sort out such massively complex developments and make a good guess at influencing the growth, and change of life. The Adept learns how things grow, mature, change, adapt and die, how they decay, how they feed into the cycle of life and death. By changing the natural course of multiple points in the life cycle, the Adept can guide it subtly in new directions, whereas simpler changes would merely be corrected.

An agent can use Entropy Science of this level to influence Life Patterns and their successive lineages, bestowing long life, good luck and health, or a quick demise and a blighted genetic line. With the Pattern Spheres, the agent can exert direct effects on living beings, causing them to decay or to recover from injury or illness rapidly. Fortuitous events may result in the healing of diseases, while another manipulation could cause the subject to suffer complications.


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