Dimensional Science

• Dimensional Senses
Initiates in the ways of Dimensional Science can sense the [CENSORED], the reflection of the material world into [CENSORED]. The initiate can see extradimensional entities and [CENSORED], hear [CENSORED] and sense places where the Gauntlet between worlds thins or thickens. The agent can determine when an object has a powerful interdimensional component, like a [CENSORED]. The agent’s Resonance pulls her most closely to objects, entities and places of similar Resonance, but the agent can open to any [CENSORED] perception with effort.

Combined with other Spheres, the agent can sense objects that have connections to other dimensions or that have been somehow translocated there. The agent can also either combine her vision of [CENSORED] with an awareness of emotions and [CENSORED], or detect the places most favorable for conversing with specific types of entities or where such entities might gather for energy.

• • Touch Extradimensional Entity
For a brief moment, the agent can reach out to touch the [CENSORED]. The agent can manipulate [CENSORED] and interact with [CENSORED], even pushing them around, conversing with or attacking them. The agent can affect other dimensions while remaining physical, extending his natural reach, voice and form across into the next realm. By casting his control over the Gauntlet directly, the agent can also manipulate the strength of the membrane between worlds. This difficult task can make it easier for a [CENSORED] to manifest, or the agent could protect an area from [CENSORED]. Powerful shields can keep out [CENSORED] who [CENSORED] the [CENSORED]. Adequate preparation can also make it easier for the agent to reach into other dimensions, if only for a time.

Combined with the Pattern Spheres, the agent can make items that can affect other dimensions, or give another creature a brief sense of interdimensionality or ability to touch the [CENSORED]. The agent could also cause an area of the [CENSORED] to suffer [CENSORED] storms of [CENSORED] or use Correspondence to extend his sight to the many and varied dimensions.

• • • Pierce Gauntlet
Although it’s dangerous to do so, a skilled agent can pierce the Gauntlet between worlds, stepping into another dimension or back out to the material. The process of stepping sideways, as it’s called, relies on powerful technology and obscure science, and it works best at extremely secure places. Even then, survival is not guaranteed – the Gauntlet is a dangerous barrier to human travel. An agent can translate himself across the Gauntlet, becoming pure [CENSORED]. Bringing possessions takes more work and increases the difficulty of the trip. In either case, the agent risks injury. Agents with strong [CENSORED] are especially susceptible to [CENSORED] that [CENSORED] between [CENSORED]. While in another dimension, the agent obeys the laws of those places and interacts with them normally. The agent can deal directly with entities, but he can also exert Effects directly against them. Once through the Gauntlet, the agent can travel to other dimensions, often by taking pathways mapped out by the Void Engineers. The agent might forge out into various [CENSORED] or other [CENSORED], but he cannot pass the [CENSORED] — yet.

As the agent can alter another dimension directly, he can also stir an entity to wakefulness or lure it into slumber. Most Some A rare few objects and places have [CENSORED], but the powerful Gauntlet and lack of connection to the material world causes those [CENSORED] to [CENSORED], uninterested in goings-on around them. Most entities are too weak, too far deteriorated and too unconscious to be so [CENSORED], but many places or items that hover on the edge of [CENSORED] or that have strong Resonance have lightly [CENSORED] [CENSORED] that can be roused. Similarly, powerful objects or [CENSORED] have [CENSORED] that the agent can put to [CENSORED] temporarily, perhaps to avoid their [CENSORED] or to reach something that they guard.

With the Pattern Spheres, the agent can create ephemeral representations of material objects or forces, essentially duplicating the Pattern Spheres in other dimensions. With Mind Science, the agent can determine Resonance and niches of various entities encountered, while Correspondence can ease the rigors of dimensional travel. Prime Science lets the agent determine the boundaries between places of power and detect the flow of natural wellsprings of extradimensional energy.

• • • • Rend and Repair Gauntlet; Bind Extradimensional Entities
While lesser agents are limited to slipping themselves through the Gauntlet, a powerful Enlightened Scientist can tear the Gauntlet asunder and create a gate between the [CENSORED] and material worlds. [CENSORED] and other people can travel through this gate, but they risk the perils inherent in such a journey. The agent can also reinforce the Gauntlet against such breaches and repair or close tears that he or others create. The agent’s command over interdimensional matters allows him to place powerful [CENSORED] and [CENSORED] over entities. The difficulty of such a feat varies with the entity in question; extremely potent entities are still beyond the agent’s powers. Still, many minor entities, such as Pattern Spiders, can be useful allies, and can perform a variety of feats. The agent can even bind the entity to an object to create a [CENSORED], or form a sort of symbiotic [CENSORED] [CENSORED] [CENSORED] [CENSORED]. Doing so is similar to possession, but the agent remains somewhat able to direct his actions and call on [CENSORED] [CENSORED] [CENSORED]. Dealing with the [CENSORED] [CENSORED] in a cavalier manner can garner an agent many [CENSORED], of course, so Adepts must be judicious in their use of this knowledge.

An agent with this level of power can bring other people or objects into other dimensions or out of them easily. With other sciences, the agent can empower free-standing gates or doorways that leave one section of the material world to enter a different area in another dimension. The agent can also create time differentials between extradimensional and material, or he can take control of an entity directly and influence its actions.

Dimensional Science

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