Field Reports: Colorado Springs

Chapter 3: A Rumble of Distant Thunder

Reporter: Agent Mace

I arrived at the Mars Dome to find it under attack. I encounter a strange being attacking cars in the amalgam garage. I was able to dissolve it and find Agent Byrd. We followed a similar being to the Generator where, with Agent Byrd’s assistance. We found out that the beings were but a distraction and the real threat was in the facility’s computer nexus. We went there and found a different sort of being, attempting to download data. I shut down the Nexus and the creature left, but not without gaining information on other amalgams.

We soon found the source of the attack and apprehended the suspect after a brief exchange of blows. We interrogated him and soon found that this was not the man who orchestrated the attack but merely a pawn. Byrd made it difficult to remember the experience and we sent him packing.

As we sought to upgrade the security of the base we were notified of a house fire. On the scene, we found that it had been burned down by a child and that the family was happy that this event occurred. The fire was apparently set after talking to a man named only as “James”. We left the scene with more questions than answers. We will work on that soon.

Over and out.



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