Field Reports: Colorado Springs

Chapter 2: Under New Management

Colorado Springs Field Report 2
Filed by Acting Lead Agent Jeff Garensen

Upon arriving at the radio building, I was informed that a fourth agent was arriving on scene. I dispatched Agent Vayne and Agent Romanov as a team to cut the power to the building while I met with our new recruit, Agent Byrd. Agent Byrd began working on a device to disrupt the audio assault broadcasting from the roof while I infiltrated the civilian mob by mimicking their mannerisms. After gaining access to the building, I took the stairs to the roof where I confronted the now deviant Claude Satie. Using a strange device, he opened a gate to interdimensional space, whereupon a strange creature came through. Agent Byrd later informed me this creature was a technocratic creation known as a Pattern Spider made for interdimensional exploration. The creature began defending Satie, so I engaged it with the assistance of my companion, Urg. The Pattern Spider proved to be resilient as well as clever, assaulting me with a powerful burst of electricity and eventually partially enveloping me in a peculiar web, undoubtedly with extradimesional properties. Curiously, during our fight, it took time to construct and arrange curious crystalline structures. At some point, Agent Byrd succeeded in disrupting the audio disturbance and Agents Vayne and Romanov cut the power to the building. It was at this time that Agent Byrd joined me and the deviant and the creature on the roof. He used a strange device given to him by Q Division, painting the target with a laser site. The Pattern Spider promptly fired a terrifying beam at Agent Byrd, immediately incapacitating him. Knowing my first duty was to my compatriots, I rushed to his aid, which proved advantageous, as Agent Byrd’s Q Division device, presumably, called an energy bolt from, presumably, a technocracy low-orbit weapons platform, severely damaging the Pattern Spider, whereupon it retreated back through the gate to interdimensional space. After stabilizing Agent Byrd, I confronted Deviant Sate. He claimed to be an entity from deep space, apparently a sentient star capable of singing. He claimed that if he were allowed to execute a program on his computer, he would return to his “home.” Thinking the program of a deviant would lead to more problems, I attempted to destroy the computer with my sidearm. Sate threw himself in the way of the shots, pleading with me to let him execute the program, declaring “he” would leave and Sate would “return.” Hoping to reclaim a once prominent agent, I allowed him to execute the program, which caused a strange power surge through the antenna. This caused a psychological shift in Sate, he claimed he had no memory of the incidents that we had investigated. I submitted him to processing despite his complaints, knowing it was for the best.

After calling in a clean-up crew, we were taken to Mars Eco-Dome 4, which served as the previous amalgam’s base of operations and which we were now in control of. En route, I called the local detention facility and suggested they subject the young woman we found restrained in the research park to the same computer program that Sate exposed himself to, as her dementia was nearly identical to his. Reclaiming and processing as many agents as possible seemed the best course of action.

Upon arrival to MED-4, we were introduced to the facilities various comforts and equipment via video call with Agent Helmsloch. Due to my penchant for gardening and extracting natural chemicals for medical implements, I released Urg into the remains of the botanical area to clean it up and prepare it for proper vegetable growth. We also set up the series of cystalline structures created by the Pattern Spider in the basement laboratory space. At that point I received a call from the Theoretokos Lab, a local fringe-research facility. My contact, a researcher calling himself “Logistics” requested I meet him in a local coffee shop. I drove to the coffee shop in an official van. Once I met him, he informed me of an arrangement his lab had with Sate’s amalgam. It seems that the amalgam would donate the corpses generated in the line of duty to the lab and, in return, the lab would provide the amalgam with an energizing potato-like nourishment paste. I gave no definite answer, aware that my choice could have serious repercussions. If I agreed to it, the paste would certainly help my agents excel in the field. However if the agents were told that the more corpses they donated to the lab, the more nourishment paste they would receive, they might be influenced to “create” more corpses than necessary. After leaving the coffee shop, I received an urgent call from Agent Byrd that crystalline beings had infiltrated MED-4.

To: Marco Pascati
Subject: [CENSORED]

Dear Marco,
I’m afraid I have some bad news. Upon leaving the coffee shop, I discovered a message left on my vehicle. It stated that the author knew, and had met, [CENSORED]. I fear my personnel files have been compromised. I need you to review all accesses to my files as well as all files regarding the [CENSORED]. I will not allow myself to be manipulated by petty criminals with a knack for infiltration and/or hacking, pretending to play on my emotions, especially those regarding [CENSORED]. Thank you again for your continued support.

Please let me know when I can take you and Violetta out for dinner again, I had a terrific time last week.

Thank you,



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