Field Reports: Colorado Springs

Chapter 1: No More Late Mornings

The Shadow Legion was formed on [CENSORED] in [CENSORED] by [CENSORED] in response to [CENSORED]. Three promising operatives were selected due to complementary skill sets. Agent Garensen was selected for his medical knowledge and social manipulation skills, Agent Romanov was selected for his technical prowess, and Agent Vayne was selected for his ability to subdue hostile aggressors. A fourth agent was meant to join the team, however the agent was delayed due to [CENSORED].

The Shadow Legion was deployed to the L-3 Communications Holdings, Inc. campus at Stoltzfus Research Park on [CENSORED] to investigate a communications blackout. Agents arrived at the scene at [CENSORED] and began investigating the blackout as well as a strange audio disturbance. Upon entering the nearest building, they discovered an almost total absence of activity, both civilian and government, despite the normally bustling level of activity the research park experiences. After further investigation, they discovered a woman, later discovered to be [CENSORED], delirious and handcuffed to a pipe, as well as a damaged [CENSORED], the body of [CENSORED], the source of the audio disturbance, which turned out to be a [CENSORED], and a series of research notes and security footage that lead the agents to the conclusion the perpetrator was [CENSORED], the [CENSORED] of [CENSORED] at [CENSORED]. Following a tip Agent Garensen obtained from his contacts, they departed for [CENSORED], a local radio station, where they discovered a mob of civilians under the influence of [CENSORED].

End Report.


  • The amalgam suggested that the audio disturbance may be hazardous and used noise-cancelling headphones to avoid contact with it.
  • The amalgam determined that the blackout was caused by a bomb-pumped EMP device set off inside the L-3 lab.
  • The amalgam resolved a radiation leak in the L-3 lab’s reactor before it could become a danger to the area. The leak is believed to have been caused by damage from the EMP.
  • The amalgam is concerned that the audio disturbance will propagate to victims across El Paso County via the station’s antenna.


During this operation, Jeff was learned that even the most well-trained and self-disciplined members of the technocracy can be afflicted with deviant thought.

Chapter 1: No More Late Mornings

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